Monday, 16 January 2017

Turkish cargo plane from Hong Kong crashes into Kyrgyzstan homes

A Turkish cargo plane flying from Hong Kong has crashed in Kyrgyzstan, killing at least 32 people, most of them on the ground, say officials.
The Boeing 747 crashed amid fog into homes near Manas airport, about 25km (15 miles) north of the capital, Bishkek, the Kyrgyz government said.
At least 15 buildings were destroyed and a number of children were reported to be among the dead.
Flight TK6491 was to have stopped at Manas en route to Istanbul in Turkey.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Petrol Price Up By 42 Paisa/Litre, Diesel By Rs. 1.03


 State oil companies have raised the prices of petrol by 42 paise/litre and diesel by Rs 1.03/litre after the fortnightly review to align local prices with international rates. 

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14 year old Indian boy who signed 5 Crore deal with Gujarat government!

A bespectacled boy dressed in a spiffy blue suit created a buzz at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit after he signed a Rs 5 crore-worth memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the state government, bagging the deal for production of a drone designed by him

Monday, 2 January 2017

Service charge by hotels/restaurants not mandatory: Govt

New Delhi:
Most restaurants add a service charge to the bill, which also includes service tax and value added.

If you eat out and are not happy with the service, you can refuse to pay the service fee that's automatically tacked on to your bill by many restaurants.

The government has clarified that the service charge -which ranges from 5 to 20 percent and is added to bills instead of tips - cannot be mandatorily applied by restaurants. The Departrment of Consumer Affairs said the automatic applying of a service fee violates fair trade practices.

"Restaruants (sic) are billing service charges in addition to taxes. Service charge is optional. Consumer has a discretion to pay or not," tweeted Consumer Affairs and Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan.

The Hotel Association of India has confirmed that  "the service charge is completely discretionary and should a customer be dissatisfied with the dining experience he/she can have it waived off. Therefore, it is deemed to be accepted voluntarily" according to a statement by the government.

మందుకొట్టి విమానం నడిపేందుకు వెళ్లాడు


మద్యంమత్తులో బైకులు, కార్లు నడుపుతూ డ్రంకెన్‌ డ్రైవ్‌ కేసుల్లో అరెస్టయిన వారి గురించి తరచూ వార్తలు వస్తుంటాయి. కెనడాలో ఓ పైలట్‌ మందుకొట్టి విమానం నడిపేందుకు వెళ్లాడు. విమానం కాసేపట్లో టేకాఫ్‌ తీసుకోవాల్సి వుండగా, అతని ప్రవర్తనను గమించిన సిబ్బంది సంబంధిత అధికారులకు ఫిర్యాదు చేశారు. వారు వెంటనే వచ్చి పైలట్‌ ను అరెస్ట్‌ చేశారు. కెనడాలోని కాల్గరీ విమానాశ్రయంలో శనివారం ఈ సంఘటన జరిగింది.

సన్‌ వింగ్‌ కు చెందిన విమానం కాల్గరీ విమానాశ్రయం నుంచి మెక్సికోలోని కన్‌ కున్‌ కు బయల్దేరాల్సి ఉంది. ఇందుకు అన్ని ఏర్పాట్లు పూర్తయ్యాయి. ప్రయాణికులందరూ వచ్చారు. కాసేపట్లో విమానం బయల్దేరాల్సి ఉంది. అయితే పైలట్‌ తూలుతూ, మద్యం మత్తులో ఉండటాన్ని విమాన సిబ్బంది గమనించారు. అధికారులు వెంటనే పైలట్‌ ను విమానంలో నుంచి దించివేశారు. అతనికి పరీక్షలు నిర్వహించగా, మూడురెట్లు అధికంగా ఆల్కాహాల్‌ ఉన్నట్టు తేలింది. పోలీసులు పైలట్‌ పై కేసు నమోదు చేసి అరెస్ట్‌ చేశారు. ఈ ఘటన దురదృష్టకరమైనదని సన్‌ వింగ్ ప్రతినిధి అన్నారు. మరో పైలట్‌ ను ఏర్పాటు చేసి విమానాన్ని పంపారు. విమానంలో 99 మంది ప్రయాణికులు, ఆరుగురు సిబ్బంది ఉన్నారు.

To Exchange Old Notes, NRIs Need To Get Form Stamped From Customs

New Delhi:

NRIs need to show junked notes to Customs officials at the airport
They have to get declaration form stamped by the officials
The declaration will have to be submitted at RBI's specified branches.

NRIs and Indian nationals abroad can deposit up to Rs 25,000 of the demonetised currency during the 3-6 month grace period, but only if they show the junked notes to Customs officials at the airport and get declaration form stamped.

The declaration will have to be submitted at specified branches of the Reserve Bank while depositing the junked currency, a finance ministry notification stated.

While the 50-day window for such deposits at banks or post offices ended on December 30, the government has offered a grace period for those who were abroad.

Two Men Get 10-Year Jail Term For Possessing 100 Kg 'Ganja'

New Delhi:
 A Delhi court has sentenced two persons to ten years rigorous imprisonment for possessing and conspiring to transport 100 kg 'ganja', saying the crime entails a harsh punishment.

The court handed down the jail term to Bihar native Vir Bahadur and Jamshed from Delhi for offences under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act and also imposed a fine of Rs two lakh each.

5 Held For Drug Peddling In Hyderabad

Five drug peddlers were arrested by Cyberabad police on Sunday and seized contraband that was bought by them for Rs 50,000 in Goa.
Special Operations Team (SOT) inspector P Srinivas Reddy said, "32 Ecstasy pills, four grams of hashish, 19 LSD blot papers, three grams of methamphetamine have been seized."
The accused are - Mehar Charan (23), Madhav Rao (25), Mukesh Singh (26), Sushruth (25) and Krishnakanth (26).
The five have been handed over to the Gachibowli police and are looking into the organized drug syndicates operating from Goa and the drug peddlers operating in the city limits
Acting on a tipoff, the SOT intercepted a vehicle at Shamshabad around 4am in here and arrested three persons, Mukhesh, Sushruth and Krishnakanth. Based on interrogation, police chased another vehicle and nabbed Mehar and Madhav at Gachibowli.
On inquiry, Mehar said that from past several months he had been selling drugs in the city and recently sold drugs worth Rs three lakh which he had purchased for Rs 1.2 lakh in Goa.
The five have been handed over to the Gachibowli police and are looking into the organized drug syndicates operating from Goa and the drug peddlers operating in the city limits.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Queen misses New Year church service due to illness

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday missed the annual New Year’s Sunday church service at her Sandringham estate due to a lingering heavy cold.

“Her Majesty the Queen will not attend Sunday worship at Sandringham today. The Queen does not yet feel ready to attend church as she is still recuperating from a heavy cold,” a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said.

The 90-year-old Queen has had the cold for more than a week, although she is understood to be well enough to read necessary government papers.

Her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, attended the service after fully recovering from his cold.

The Queen’s absence from church on Christmas Day was the first time she had missed the service in many years.

Buckingham Palace stressed that it was a “precautionary measure” and it had “no sense of undue concern“.

The New Year’s Day service at Sandringham on Sunday is led by the Bishop of Norwich and other members of the royal family are expected to attend.

It is expected that Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, may have travelled to Sandringham for the New Year after they, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, spent Christmas with Kate’s family, at Bucklebury in Berkshire.

The monarch has not been seen in public for 12 days since she and Prince Philip caught heavy colds which forced them to cancel their usual train journey to their north Norfolk estate for Christmas.

Gold Bars Worth 2.4 Crores Seized Near Rameswaram In Tamil Nadu

At least 87 gold bars worth 2.44 crores were seized on New Year's Eve near Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, officials of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence have said.

The gold bars weighing one kg each were hidden in a pouch under the driver's seat of a Honda City car which was intercepted near Uchipuli gate in Enmanamkondan.

Driver Mujibu Rehman, 31, has reportedly confessed that the consignment was smuggled from Sri Lanka through a fishing boat. He has been arrested and sent to judicial custody.

The officials investigating the case have not revealed that who sent the gold from Sri Lanka or who was to receive it in Tamil Nadu.

Recently Income Tax officials in Chennai seized 127 kilograms of gold bars from properties of sand mining baron and contractor Sekhar Reddy. 127 kg gold in one kg bars and Rs 96 crore in old currency and Rs 10 crore in Rs 2,000 notes have been seized by the investigators after the operation," top I-T department officials said, adding "this is an unprecedented amount that the tax department has seized in recent times".